Hello world!

I’ve just created this blog for my upcoming love and work tour around the USA! I’ll be leaving NYC in August for a year-long trip that will take me to the south, then west, then north, then back to NYC, then south, then further south, then back to NYC, and further northeast, then west. I’ll be working with friends on projects – art projects, books, plays, solo shows and gardens. I’ll be continuing my writing workshops remotely and online. I’ll be blogging (and vlogging) about the experience, and creating solo material from that. I’ll direct a show in Ft. Collins, CO, do shows in LA and NYC. I’ll spend a lot of time being free of responsibility, for the first time in my life. I’ll camp in Chaco Canyon, NM. I’ll roam around the southwest. I’ll go to Joshua Tree. Once the year is over I may write a book about it all. And then I’ll decide what to do next.


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