An Off-Off Broadway Producer’s Day

Today I put the finishing touches on a backdrop I painted to represent Machiavelli’s study. I did it using technique I recently learned from some friends,.

I received a box from the Postal Service. It’s a sewing machine I bought to finish some costumes and adjust the fit of a slipcover for my NYC host’s wingchair.

I rehearsed with two of the actors in the show. It was a pivotal first scene, and they did a superb job of feeling their way, needing minimal guidance.

I bought elastic. It’s for the garters to hold up their stockings.

I bought six drapery panels on ebay. I will use them as a scrim.

I communicated with the technical director and house manager. I have an appointment on Thursday to locate set pieces and talk about lighting design.

I made a list of things I’ll purchase tomorrow. I’ll get fabric for the Pope costume, and some rope so Machiavelli can try to hang himself.

I scheduled an extra rehearsal next week. It will give us time to try out the fight choreography and work with the props I am getting together.

I was advised by a friend that I should ask for some help. It’s so I can take a break from this nonstop activity.

I wrote a status report in a group email to the playwright, cast and crew. I thanked them for being as passionately involved in this production as I am.

I put out a call for a volunteer stage manager. If I have one, I can focus more on directing and acting.

I’m a very happy producer, who’s had a good day.


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