What’s wrong with that?

For three days now….
I lie in the guest room, watching Netflix on my laptop.
My great-nephew lies in the den, playing computer games, texting with friends.
My sister lies in her bedroom, watching a Downton Abbey marathon.
Three days since everyone else went home from the holiday.
Time enough, surely, to have recuperated, and resumed our pleasure in each other’s company.
(excluding encounters in the kitchen, odd nods in the hall)
Time enough, surely, to think of a story to share?
After all, we only get to be together at Christmas.

Are we together?

This is not a protest, btw.
I love my solitude; so do they.
We are smart, capable, and enjoy our own company, and devices.
What’s wrong with that?
I am thinking about it.


2 thoughts on “What’s wrong with that?

  1. Yes, there’s something wrong with that. It’s OK to like devices and use them as a tool and even for fun sometimes, but when it interferes with genuine human contact and interaction, when it ends the conversation, when it stops the laughter, we need to see the white’s of each other’s eyes and the warmth of each other’s bodies next to ours.

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  2. Just spent a week at mom’s in FL with her, my brother & boyfriend. I’ve quit Facebook for the time being, & she has no computer nor Internet connection, so I felt we spent a lot of time conversing, working puzzles, playing with the cat, or just sitting by the Christmas tree lights. However, when I gave her a handheld electronic Solitaire game & showed her how to use it (which she loved), she remarked, “Now I’m like y’all, looking down at your hands & devices all the time.” Which gave us all pause.

    Wondering about it, too.

    & good to read you here online again, as well.

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