A Family of Loners

Day 4 post-Christmas with the family. We are yet again in our three separate spheres, our three separate activities.  Today was not all alone. Lunch with my nephew, some pleasantries with my sister, a quick bit of leftover pasta in front of the television, but otherwise, we behaved like good neighbors – pleasant, but no real interaction.

I sit here in the guest bedroom, bemused again at our lack of contact. “Are we all loners?” I ask myself. “I have to write about it again; I’ll do some research first.”  I find this loner test online (https://lonerwolf.com/loner-test/)

I take it, listening to the sounds from Laine’s room down the hall (she’s still on that Downton Abbey marathon) and to Jesse’s laughter in the den as he watches video on his tablet, sharing the high moments with a friend on his cell.

I score 66 on the loner test. (If you score above 60 you are officially a loner.)  I figured I was going to score high; some of the questions had me pegged.  I clicked “strongly agree” on many of them. Number 20 stuck out – “I would be perfectly happy living by myself, with no human contact whatsoever, for the rest of my days.” I had to click on “strongly disagree.”Maybe the contact I am having with my family right now is not direct, but it’s still human contact. I would miss it if it were gone.So am I with them? Not really. But am I separate from them? Not really. Maybe we are just a family of happy loners, who enjoy our human contact at a distance.


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