Watching ice dancing and pairs skating during Winter Olympics 2018. Thinking about working with Julia and Geo today. Julia was welding and grinding hog wire panels to suspend from perforated steel – to cover a 10 foot 7 3/8 span. Geo was laying down the 2×6’s that we had loaded up last Friday. I was moving between them, mostly screwing down the lumber with Geo, and occasionally holding things for Julia. There’s something wonderful about assisting professional craftspersons. Julia knows her shit backwards and forwards – she’s a fabricator. Geo is a builder, and has solid technique. Who am I in this scenario, besides holding the dumb end of the tape measure? Well, I’m an apprentice in the deck building trade. I’m getting more efficient with the impact driver. I self-correct now. But I am more than that. I’m the producer, as Geo pointed out, and the chief visionary. It’s my job to know what I want.  Between the three of us, we have everything we need. We spent the day getting it done and called it a day by 5 pm. We ended the evening grilling chicken and having dinner together. We drank red wine, and talked about the relative values of various painting techniques. We weighed in on the relative values of primers and shop-talked methods of application. I talked about how I might want to leave the interior paint as is. “After all,” I said, “The walls are going to be covered with art and the bedroom will be covered with the cargo parachute.” Geo said, at one point, “I’ll do whatever you want.” Julia said, “Tomorrow we can look at it.” We all agreed we’d deal with it as necessary when the time came. That’s the great thing about a good collaboration. It’s understood that we’ll deal with it as necessary when the time comes.20180212_132819


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