My Itinerary for the LoveandWorkTour

ck loveandworktourroute

August 5-6 drive to Black Mountain, NC (stay with friends)

August 7 – drive to Atlanta, GA (stay with my sister)

August 10 – drive to Tybee Island, GA (stay with family)

August 15-30 – Atlanta GA (at my sister Laine’s house)

Sep 2 – drive to Mayfield, KY to see family

Sep 4 – drive to OK (may stay with a friend)

Sep 5 – drive to Palo Duro Canyon, TX (camp overnight)

Sep 6 – drive to Albuquerque NM (stay with friends)

Sep 9 – drive to Chaco Canyon, NM (camp)

Sep 10 – drive to Pueblo, CO (camp or motel)

Sep 11 – drive to Ft. Collins, CO (stay with Wendy Ishii, preliminary auditions for Good People, which I will direct at Bas Bleu in Ft. Collins next Apr/May)

Sep 15 or 16 – begin a week roaming around in NM, Utah, and AZ (re-visiting Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, Monument Valley, Vermilion Cliffs, Canyon de Chelly and more – camping)

Sep 22 or so – drive to Redlands, CA (stay with family)

Sep 24 or so – drive to LA (stay with several friends)

Sep 25 – Oct 18 – stay in LA and San Diego (stay with friends)

Oct 20 – drive to Sausalito (stay with friend- on houseboat)

Oct 22 – drive to Berkeley (stay with friend – in fab industrial loft)

Oct 27 – drive to Cotati, CA (stay with friend – on her horse ranch)

Nov 1-3 – drive to Tucson (stay with friends)

Nov 6 – fly to NYC (stay with friends) doing shows – Gender Project, Forbidden Kiss LIVE and Antonio and Shylock

Dec 15 – fly to Atlanta for holidays (stay with family)

Jan 3 – fly to Tucson (stay with friends)

Jan 17 – Feb 15 (exact schedule at yet unknown. The plan is to spend 2-3 weeks in Florida, doing Grapefruit in Tallahassee, seeing friends and family in West Palm Beach, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, and Key West. A trip to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico may happen in that time.

Feb 15 – Mar 15 – in NYC (stay with friends) doing shows – Gender Project, Forbidden Kiss LIVE and Antonio and Shylock

Mar 15 – April 20 – not sure yet

April 20 – July 20 – Ft. Collins, CO – directing Good People and performing at Bas Bleu


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